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    Planning in advance? Forget it! Get your phone and book a hotel near you in just three clicks.

  • Flexible Check in-outs

    Now check in - out whenever you wish to. Oh, and the best part? Just pay only for the time you stay.

  • Pay Per Minute

    Now, Experience Comfort in minutes. Book on minute basis and put a check to 24-hour norm.

  • Hotels For Everyone

    Stuck in traffic? Waiting for flight? Meeting delay? Choose your stay at your fingertips on Pobyt

Stuck in Traffic?

Why get exhausted by long hours of travel. Book a room at the nearest hotel until the traffic clears up.

Need a serene place for a business meeting?

Skip the coffee shop. Our rooms are a lot more convenient and a lot less crowded.

Flight Delay?

We do not want you to wait for a long layover or flight delay. Now you can relax in a comfortable hotel near the airport.

Just off a Red-Eye?

Check-in early after a red-eye flight. Relax and freshen up before heading into your day.

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